List of available bots#

If you want to write your own bot or webhook, please see the Bots and Webhooks developer documentation. Afterwards send a pull request against the docs/ to add your bot to the list, using the following template:

### Name of the bot

Useful, but short description, best to keep it to 1-3 lines of text.

![Screenshot can be put into docs/botscreenshots/bot-name.png, max. width 700px, max. height 480px](botscreenshots/bot-name.png)

* License: Identifier of the license (See
* [Link to source code](
* [Link to installation documentation](

Here you can find a brief overview of known bots that allows administration to easily discover your bot and install it on their Nextcloud server.


Call summary (Nextcloud app sample)#

The call summary bot posts an overview message after the call listing all participants and outlining tasks.

Screenshot showing a call summary chat message

Currency convertor (Nextcloud AppEcosystem sample)#

Example of how easily bot can be implemented in Python.

Screenshot showing a chat messages to change EUR into USD

Welcome bot (Golang sample)#

A Golang sample bot that responds to "Good morning" and "Hello" and welcomes new attendees in the room.

Screenshot showing a welcome and hello response


Stable Diffusion#

Uses SDXL-Turbo for fast image generation. Usage example: @image cinematic portrait of fluffy cat with black eyes

Screenshot showing chat message and the resulting image